Dieting on Vacation is a Terrible Idea

It’s been exactly one month since returning from my Great American Calorie Accounting Summer Book Tour, and I miss my scrappy minivan every day!!  The hometown Chicago audience has certainly been getting an earful though–we’ve been in the papers, on the tee-vee, and in various urban and suburban bookstores and gift shops and health clubs, singing the gospel, LOLing those love handles away!  But I miss #tourlife so badly.  Someone give me an RV and a million dollars and I’ll be the happiest camper (truly) there ever was!!!


You might recall that before heading out on the road, Travelzoo and Huffington Post asked me to share my plans for keeping true to my diet on tour.  That was cool, and I had good intentions, but…

Dieting on vacation is a terrible idea.

I am apparently full of false promises to myself, because I never did one calisthenic in the back seat of the van and I only lived on vegetables for one of twenty-one days.  I ate my way through a good cross-section of our splendid United States.  Because I had to!  Because I was on vacation!  HOWEVER!  (And here’s the good news.)  I still remained “accountable” in my own sneaky way, and good gracious, I am proud to tell you that I DIDN’T GAIN A POUND!*

*Eating as many hot dogs as Joey Chestnut over 4th of July Weekend is another story, but for the purposes of the 3-week tour at hand, let’s call it even. 🙂

Here’s the followup post!