VIP Swag Bags Are Here!!!


We’re happy for you to buy the book however you want to buy the book (Amazon, B&N, whatevs!), but we’re very excited to announce that we are TAKING IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL, and we now have Calorie Accounting VIP Swag Bags for sale!!!

20 dolla buys you:

–Signed (dedicated by request!) copy of Calorie Accounting
–Cute-ass tote bag
–Cute-ass buttons
–Cute-ass stickers

Get skinny and stay PHAT with this stylin’ collection!!!  Email to order yours today!!!!


Hot Sauce Goals

Well guys, if you’ve read the book or caught me on tour or seen me on the tee-vee or heard me on the radio, it’s no secret that I AM OBSESSED WITH FRANKS REDHOT SAUCE (the ‘Wings’ variety, particularly), and have been trying to get them to notice me for ages!  Their zero-calorie buffalo sauce changed my life!!  I want to be their brand ambassador!  It’s all I want in the world!  I want to be the Jared to their Subway!  Without the child porn!  AND NOW I MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE!

So Franks is doing a video contest for their “I Put that $#!t on Everything” campaign, and since I truly do put that $#!t on everything, I entered!  Here’s my ridiculous video–hope you enjoy!!  Vote, share, vote again, share again… You can help make all my spiciest dreams come true!!!!!

Lil’ Mando



Well It’s You Girl, and You Should Know It

Hey Minnesotan Calorie Accountants! Catch me live at 9am CST tomorrow chattin’ with Chris Allen on the Kool 101.7 Morning Show! Not in Duluth? (Neither was MTM.) Not a problem! Listen online!  Way kool, man!  You’re gonna make it after all!  See you on the radio, again!! 


Well, Well, Wellness

V excited to be a guest contributor for Mind Body Green!  It was certainly a challenging article to pen, as I was restricted from using the word “calorie” and was not allowed to be self-deprecating or sarcastic.  So essentially this piece has next to no Mandy in it (even my very vanilla submission was edited beyond much recognition), but the blog has 2.5 million readers and I suddenly have all kinds of interesting new Twitter followers, so whatever, I’ll take it!  Thanks guys! Peace and love!

Check out the Mandy Levy wellness guru information overload HERE! (Sorry, I was sarcastically-repressed.)

Road Dog Giveaway!

Hey Road Dogs!  Thanks for tuning into my Calorie Accounting spot with Meredith & Jay on Freewheelin SiriusXM!!  I didn’t realize we can’t do giveaways on-air (sorry again!), but here’s what we’ve got:  Email with subject line “ROAD DOG” for your chance at a Calorie Accounting Swag Bag, complete with a signed copy of the book!  Many will enter, many will win!

Keep on truckin’,

I’m a 20-Something Again!

I only wish I could self-improve by aging backwards.  Most people say no regrets, but I say only regrets.  That’s kind of a joke, but just kind of.

However, thanks to Jessie and the team at 20-Nothings, I am now a bonafide expert on the topic of self-improvement!  Thanks for the shout, kiddos!