NYC Tour Kickoff Dates!

NYC Calorie Accountants!

I’ve got a couple Brooklyn dates right around the corner, and expect to see you there!!!  I miss you all so dearly, and BK is where it all happened.. where I decided I was too fat to recognize myself, and where I cocooned, and where I created Calorie Accounting, and where POOF! I became a motherfucking butterfly.

Please come join me Thursday 5/14 at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg for a reading and signing (6-7:30pm), and please come join me Friday 5/15 at Ramona in Greenpoint for a meet-n-greet, signing, and freaking PARTYTIME (7pm till whenever)!

artist Petes

Today is the Day!

OMG you guys!!  Calorie Accounting has finally hit bookshelves IRL!!

Here we are just hanging out casually among Bestsellers at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble.. oh haaayyyyy. Get yours today at your local B&N!!! And if they don’t have it yet, ask them to order you one!  Or 3!  Or 10!



Calorie Accounting Release Party!

Calorie Accounting is hitting bookstores everywhere SO VERY SOON on April 21! Even better, online preorders are arriving in mailboxes ALL ACROSS AMERICA as early as this week!!! (Did you get yours yet??)

I’d say all this is cause for some definite celebration, no???

And guess what?

I want YOU celebrating with ME at the launch party!!!!

Are you in Chicago? Then join us for the official Calorie Accounting Book Launch Luncheon–nay, LAUNCHEON!–on Saturday, April 18th at the fabulous Mars Gallery in the West Loop! We’ll do a little reading, a book signing, Q&A with the Author, maybe some Bozo Buckets, who knows?! Come celebrate and toast to the end of your love handles!

RSVP to! Hope to see all you ex-porkies soon!

In kale salads and french fries together forever,

Calorie Accounting Release Party

The Weight is Almost Over!

Shit’s gettin REAL, Calorie Accountants!  The book is hot off the presses and looks sexy as all get-out.  April 21 is our official pub date (when you’ll find the book IRL at your local Barnes & Noble), but get a head start on bikini season and preorder your copy from Amazon today!  Beat on the street is this spring baby’s making surprise early deliveries in mailboxes as soon as THIS WEEK!!!  So get on it!  The weight is almost over!  We gon’ get skinny, and we gon’ have fun doing it.

Kisses! And kale! And pizza!


PS – Did you already get your book in the mail, you sweet pre-ordering angelface, you??  Post a pic with it using the hashtag #calorieaccounting !!!!