Snap Back to Skinny

Ahhhhhh Labor Day Weekend.  The final farewell to summer, full of unbridled enthusiasm for sun, fun, family, friends, and hot dogs.  Lots of hot dogs.  And burgers, and beers, and chips, and cheese, and ice cream, and cake, and so many hot fries your eyes water and you get your first ever official migraine.  (Seriously–have you tried hot fries?? They are an exercise in sadomasochism–THEY HURT SO GOOD!!!!)

Summer weekends are a toughie for dieters–we just want to let loose and enjoy ourselves!  And it’s totally okay to do just that.. so long as you are accountable and ready to get back on track come Monday.  Or, in Labor Day Weekend’s case, Tuesday.  So, with the help of the delicious and nutritious grab-n-go meal options at my favorite fresh take-away concept, Snap Kitchen, I’ve designed the perfect Calorie Accounting 3-Day Snap Back to Skinny meal plan!  I’m going to live it and document it in real time over these next three days, as I gently coax the hot fries out of my system and continue on my skinny way.

The Snap Back menu is meant to be a 3-day jumpstart following a calorie splurge, a very clean & regulated meal program averaging about 1150 calories daily.  Drink lots of water, squeeze in some light exercise if you’re able, and by Friday, you’ll be right back on track (just in time to ruin your run with another weekend of mindlessness!!!  Kidding. Kinda. :))

I’ll update tonight with the Day One experience.. but as a little amuse bouche, here’s what’s on the menu:

DAY ONE – 1110 Calories

  • Super Greens Juice – 90 Cal
  • Strawberry Applesauce – 70 Cal
  • Siam Lentil Bowl – 290 Cal
  • Tomato Gazpacho – 140 Cal
  • Tuscan Kale Snack – 70 Cal
  • Naked Chicken – 220 Cal
  • Caveman Clusters – 230 Cal

Here we gooooooo….. (The below shot from this morning is no offense to Snap Kitchen; this is what I look like every time I take my first sip of any green juice.  But it’s lifeblood!!!  More of that sado-maso stuff for you.)