Snap Back: Day 1


Calorie Accounting – Snap Kitchen “Snap Back to Skinny” 3-Day Meal Plan
*Clean, conservative, regulated eating to get back on track after a delicious but horrifying calorie bender*

Day One: 1110 Calories

Super Greens Juice – 90 Cal
A little bite at the beginning for sure, but that’s how you know it’s the good stuff.  I like thinking of green juice as a magical potion, an elixir, a medicine of sorts–sometimes you have to plug your nose to swallow it down, but you’re curing yourself of so much.  I’ve had green juices that are maybe a little more palatable–maybe they’ve got a little apple, some pineapple, a little ginger, helping to sweet’n’spice it up a bit, but you’re doubling the calories that way too.  We don’t need that today. This Snap Kitchen choice is as plain ol’ green as it gets: romaine, parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, a squeeze of lemon. And for 90 calories, you can’t beat it. A good start to the day. Conditioning. Tough love.

Strawberry Applesauce – 70 Cal
The Strawberry Applesauce was, as some might say, “amazeballs.” Sweet, refreshing, light, a nice little treat. I had it as a mid-morning snack. My pink flamingo did too!
Siam Lentil Bowl – 290 Cal
This was a filling and delicious lunch. Kind of sweet actually–I threw a little hot sauce on top for my spicy-salty fix (for zero extra calories, of course!). Yellow lentils, wilted kale, carrots, red onions, a lil’ lime.. A Southwestern twist on a hearty Asian protein bowl. Seriously fantastic. I wasn’t even hungry for anything else! That’s why I fed my Tomato Gazpacho (140 Cal) to my wooden toucan!  (jknojk)  Once I got a little peckish later in the afternoon, I took a break with the perfect Tuscan Kale Snack–just the tart crunch I needed to hold me over till dinner. Crisp, a little lemony, with some olive oil.. maybe some tahini? I’m guessing. Whatever it was, it was a delight.  If I had more calories to spend today, I might have sprinkled some toasted pine nuts on top, because I bet that’s EXCELLENT.  But I can do that on Day 4 🙂
After a light run on the treadmill while listening to the Lake Bell episode of WTF (she’s so rad), it was time for dinner. I chose the Naked Chicken (220 Cal) with peapods and sauteed cauliflower. This is admittedly “healthy” for me, so I wasn’t salivating at the thought, but I desperately needed it to regulate the excess of hot fries from the weekend.  And I will tell you: I never think to order chicken, I never think to make chicken, but every time I have chicken, I’m like, “Oh! That’s nice!”  And this Naked Chicken was quite nice.  The veggies were a delicious complement, perfectly tender, slightly crisped.  And it’s always a strange, welcome relief to feel full after a meal, yet also feel zero guilt.  I think Snap Kitchen’s good for that.  However. Full or not, every day of every diet, I need to make sure I have “something to look forward to.” That’s why I have my beloved Caveman Clusters (230 Cal) on the ready. It’s like the best Omega 3 trail mix you’ve ever experienced, honey-welded together in gooey hunks. It’s fabulous. And at the end of a hard day of regulation and restriction, it’s my reward.
This is cool.  This is yummy.  This is EASY.  Did I mention that every one of these freshly-prepared takeaway meals from Snap have one simple cooking instruction: “Loosen lid; microwave for 1 minute.”

Ummmmmm, I can do that.

Now time to watch Stephen Colbert, have another Caveman Cluster or two, and SLEEP. Tomorrow we continue on our skinny way.

Keep it snappy,