Snap Back: Day 2


Calorie Accounting – Snap Kitchen “Snap Back to Skinny” 3-Day Meal Plan
*Clean, conservative, regulated eating to get back on track after a delicious but horrifying calorie bender*

Day Two: 1140 Calories

Stepped on the scale yesterday morning and had already dropped 2 pounds of the 4 pounds gained over LDW! Got me excited for Day Two.  Here’s how it all went down:

Kicked things off with a Spicy Basil Lemonade (110 Cal), which was really delicious and really strange.. it has so many REALLY strong flavors: it’s exceptionally lemony and tart, it’s exceptionally basil-y and savory, and it’s exceptionally cayenne-y and spicy.  It’s bonkers!  I loved it!  It kind of reminded me of the weirdness of that Master Cleanse concoction, which all the actors waiters I worked with at Maggiano’s West Hollywood in ’05 were addicted to.  It was astringently compelling and curiously empowering and I kind of want to see what would happen if I drank like 6 of them every day for a week straight.  I might black out but I might also want to run a marathon!  This stuff tastes magical!  When I got peckish around 11am, I went for my Kale and Watermelon Snack (100 Cal), which was delightful for many reasons, but mostly for its feta.  Because feta makes everything beta. 😉


Lunchtime al fresco and photo shoot fun came next!  I was very excited by my Chicken Caesar Wrap (320 Cal), accompanied by Annie Chun’s Wasabi Seaweed Snacks (30 Cal for half the pack!)  It’s a real treat to be able to eat a tortilla on a diet, and this wrap delivered just the carb kick I needed. (An aside: my carbohydrate addiction is strange, I think: It’s more about the particular feeling of my teeth biting off a piece of the glutenous glory, more even than the taste itself.  My teeth crave it more than my stomach.  If that makes sense.  Probably not.)


When I got home from work, I dug into a lil’ Caprese Salad (110 Cal) on the porch. Perfect grape tomatoes, generous chunks of mozzarella, basil, and balsamic.. and a helluva lotta garlic.  Mmmm.  Maybe not a good snack right before a date???  But I had no date.  I devoured it.  Then, after a light run on the treadmill while listening to the Greg Proops WTF (cool cat!), I came home and changed into my comfy cozies and heated up a bowl of the Grass-fed Meatballs & Peppers (240 Cal) and proceeded to eat it on my patio looking like, as my sister so often labels me, a total freak!  The meatballs were tender, savory, and plentiful, and the sliced peppers and onions, all wilted and swirling in the bowl, could sorta kinda pass for spaghetti!  (Confession: I did add hot sauce and 30 cal worth of grated parmesan, so I guess my day actually totaled 1170 calories; so sue me.)


Then, of course, in the spirit of always having “something look forward to while I watch Jimmy”, I prepared my SNAX: Caveman Clusters!!!!!  230 Cal of pure gooey love.


YUM to everything! This is a piece of cake! (Not literally, not in the slightest, but you get it!)  One more day till I’m back on track!!!!  Thanks for everything, Snap Kitchen, I love ya!!!! 🙂