Hot Sauce Goals

Well guys, if you’ve read the book or caught me on tour or seen me on the tee-vee or heard me on the radio, it’s no secret that I AM OBSESSED WITH FRANKS REDHOT SAUCE (the ‘Wings’ variety, particularly), and have been trying to get them to notice me for ages!  Their zero-calorie buffalo sauce changed my life!!  I want to be their brand ambassador!  It’s all I want in the world!  I want to be the Jared to their Subway!  Without the child porn!  AND NOW I MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE!

So Franks is doing a video contest for their “I Put that $#!t on Everything” campaign, and since I truly do put that $#!t on everything, I entered!  Here’s my ridiculous video–hope you enjoy!!  Vote, share, vote again, share again… You can help make all my spiciest dreams come true!!!!!

Lil’ Mando