Calorie Accounting is Banned in Indianapolis!

It’s been a million years since we last talked, Accountants. Hope you’re all skinny. I know I am! I’m breastfeeding a four-month old and have never been so emaciated in my life! This is the ticket! I think I’ll be a wet nurse when I grow up!


BIG NEWS. Calorie Accounting has been banned in Indianapolis! Jkjk, not quite BANNED, but almost! We’ve made a “challenged books” list, according to an indie Indy online paper and the Indianapolis Public Library. Someone checked out our book and plastered it with Post-It notes wherever there was an inappropriate word! I fucking love it!

Even more exciting is the fact that Rob Burgess, the reporter, has promised to read whatever “challenged” book wins a weeklong poll that ends today! We’re up against The Hate U Give and Glenn Beck! I’ve made my mother’s life!!!!

So first of all, check out the article here, which is more or less our best press to date, and also — VOTE! We can turn any independent midwestern newspaper editorial into fodder for the Today Show, right??? (But who really cares since KLG is gone)