So HOT to be KOOL!

I had such a blast when I did a radio spot with Chris Allen at Kool 101.7 in Duluth over the summer, and during it, he gave me 10 seconds to plead to Frank’s RedHot Sauce to make me their brand ambassador. It was hilarious and so much fun, and Chris promised me that he would do everything in his power to make Frank’s notice me. Well, he wasn’t kidding! Chris just had me on the air again, pleading my case to his audience to please vote for me in my Frank’s video contest!! He also wrote up a fabulous article for the Kool 101.7 website.. he’s just completely the best!!! I told him if I win, I’m coming to Duluth with a crate of hot sauce and we’ll eat macaroni and cheese and do karaoke. And I mean it.

Here’s how to keep warm, Northern Minnesota!!!